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Leave Home with Single Nomad Travel to Travel with Other Singles Without a Single Supplement.

This is the Home to Single Nomad for Singles Travel that want to travel with other active singles. Leave the details to us and enjoy adventure travel with other singles.

We offer adventure travel geared towards active single people without the added price of traveling single. NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT. We guarantee same sex roommate or you get a single room FREE. It is a great way to meet other singles. All the trips are priced within most budgets. All hotels are four star or better, unless it is not reasonable like in remote areas or camping. Single Nomad is geared towards singles that want an active and exciting adventure vacation. We have singles vacations around the world. Single Nomad Travel has programs geared to saving single people money on their vacations. Single Nomad was founded by a single person for single people.All the details of the singles group vacations are planned. No planning the details for you.   Leave it to us.We all like adventure but traveling to politically unsafe countries, is not something that we do.  Many adventure tour companies have these trips shown on their websites in an effort to gather more clients but they ultimately do not go there. We do not mislead or go to any countries that are in current civil unrest. An example is Egypt. When and if it becomes safe again we will have a fantastic and unusual trip planned.
We have a variety of Trip Styles.
Having fun in Cusco with Single Nomad Travel
Morocco Camel Trip

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